Made to fit smooth

What is Streetwear Tailoring?

We love to the combination of classic tailoring and streetwear. A suit, to us, needs to combined with a crew neck sweat, a hoody or a premium t-shirt. Finished off with fresh sneakers. We don't believe in ties and suit flys anymore. Our mission is to make classic tailoring a bit more hip hop!

How does Made to fit smooth work?

All beautiful things comes in threes, as so our process and products. At the very beginning we want to get to know you via phone or mail and fix a convenient appointment with you. The appointment could be in one of our studios, at your office, remote or whereever you would like us to show up with our fabrics. During that meeting we will get to know you, take your measurements and chose the right fit and details of your next wardrobe highlight. After 3 weeks, your custom made item is ready to be worn. In case of any further alterations, we will be ready to ensure you full satisfaction.

Which items in your collection are customizable and are made to fit me smoothly?

You can co- create and have the products fitted to your measures within our product categories Outerwear, Jackets, Coats, Suits, Shirts and Hats. We permanently offer limited Ready-to-wear garments in the categories Sweats, T-Shirts, Scarves and Hats.

Can I do some modifications to your products?

We are continously improving ourselves to offer you the right mix of all product details such as pockets, stichings, linings and zipper/ buttons. Therefore we do not offer any modifications to our products.

Can I provide my own fabric for a made to fit smooth order?

Our fabric offer has been carefully selected and tested to grant an outstanding product. However, if you wish to proceed with a very special fabrics we will do our best to proceed on base of our product range.

Can I shop your products and get your service from remote?

Yes. We are proud to offer a remote service for existing and new clients as well. Please contact us for further information.

How much does made to fit smooth products cost?

Prices are all upon request as they are heavily depending on the selected fabrics and chosen options. For futher information please reach out to us.

Where are the made to fit smooth products produced?

We are proud that our garments are currently all made in Europe.

Studio & pop up events

How can I see your products in person?

The whole SPSR offer is avialable in our Studio in Stuttgart or during our various pop ups all over Germany. Limited products are temporarily online available.

Shall I make an appointment upfront a pop up event?

We are highly recommending to do an appointment upfront. We want to focus on you and your very individual expectations on our service and garments.

What is a pop up event?

A SPSR pop up event is temporary happening where clients can order our made to fit smooth products and get in contact with SPSR Streetwear Tailors. SPSR is always accompanied by a special friend who will stich, play music or just make some magic happen. For us it is all about beautiful people and great moments. We want to create events full of energy and synergies. Please sign up for more information about upcoming events.

Am I obliged to buy something if I make an appointment at your events or the studio?

No. We are just happy to get to know you and show you the SPSR world.