Crafts & Products. 

SPSR products are all unique, as you.

Our made to fit smooth process is based on a sophisticated made-to-measure service across all our products. 

The creation process is a dialogue between You and us.

Meant to create wardrobe highlights. Made to last.  








Call a Streetwear Tailor and get measured







Streetwear tailoring at it's finest. Waterrepellent. Warm



keeping. Easy looking. Salomon is wearing



a beautiful SPSR Raincoat with a secret lining.



Created together in our Studio Stuttgart.




He is feeling the rain, others just get wet.

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Another wardrobe highlight.


Yilmaz (right) is wearing his



SPSR cotton


overshirt made to fit him smoothly. The



intention was to create a

highlight he can easily combine with

the rest of his smart and conscious




Salomon (left) was always looking for

his perfect blouson. Couldn't find it.



SPSR delivered a product with all

demanded details to his satisfaction.



He is proud that his blouson has been


handmade not far away from him. 





We just fell in love with Ferry during

our very first meeting in our studio in






His wardrobe highlight is our co-



created SPSR wool-/cashmere coat.






He loves to combine it with his loose

trousers and his impressive sneaker





He is the perfect example of

combining tailoring and streetwear. 





Laurin is an upcoming lawyer. Next to his studies



he is managing an arabic grocery store.



We delivered him his first SPSR suit



recentlyMade of Dormeuil's 130's Flexo wool.



A premium fabric. Soft shoulders and stretch



materials inside and out.



This SPSR suit is one  of hardcore light feeling



and supreme comfort. 


He needs to be fully in comfort and style while

he is sorting his hummus. 



Oh Yeah. 



Oday is wearing  loose 100% wool



trousers made to fit him smooth for

any occasion. 



Oday is a free spirit and loves his

trousers being customized and easy to



combine with his Nike Air Force. We



actually love that combo.


Oday, we would love to co- create



with You again! High Five. 





We just can't get enough of Laurin. A true

inspiration not only because he is combining his



SPSR suit with his vintage Blue Hi-Top Vans. 


Together with his first SPSR suit we are


happy to deliver his first shirt as well.


A beautiful stripped cotton-/elastane


shirt, made to fit him smoothly



This is Manne.


Manne is clearly a very special character.



Until recently, he has been exclusively been wearing


traditional tailoring.


Not anymore. Manne has discovered the smooth and


comfy combination of traditional


tailoring and streetwear. His wife has just told us that


he is wearing his SPSR Sweatshirt to


almost every occasion.


We love the spirit.